Simple tips on using this search engine


The Who's Who data is stored in the following fields: NAME, CATEGORY, CREDIT, TENURE

Basic Searches

A basic search will return any records that contain the search terms in any of the fields, without regard for the order of the words.
neal adams or adams neal will give the same result.

Searches are not case sensitive (Capital letters are treated like lower case letters in searches.)

To search for a specific phrase, put double quotation marks around it e.g. "comic book".

Search terms must be at least two characters long or they are ignored.

Advanced Searches

To limit the search to a specific field, prefix the search term with one of the following codes:

Terms can be combined in the same search:

Once the initial search has returned results, subsequent searches can be made either:

To start again with a blank search, click the reset button under the current search details.

BEST RESULTS: When specifying a search on a particular field, use quotes to clarify the meaning. The search engine reads these three options differently.
  1. credit:hi yo
  2. credit:"hi yo"
  3. credit:"hi" credit:"yo"
(1) means: search the CREDIT field for "hi" and the entire record for "yo".
(2) means: search the CREDIT field only for the combination "hi yo".
(3) means: search the CREDIT field for "hi" and then search the credit field for "ho".
If you don't observe these syntactical rules, some results may seem flaky. Computers are rule-bound critters.

Sorting & Paging

Various sort options are available. The choice "biography" restores the original order of the records.

You can change the number of records displayed. 100 is the default setting.

The paging information looks like this:

<< < 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 > >>

The page you are looking at will be in bold face type.

Clicking on another number will call up that page.

Clicking on < or > moves one page backward or forward.

Clicking on << or >> moves to the front or last page respectively.


The Who's Who collects no information other than the search terms you provide. The site does not use cookies.


Selecting this choice will address an email to the database manager. Please be sure to provide all information needed to clarify your comments. Thank you.