Name and vital stats
  ALEXANDER, PAUL [1937- ] (artist)NULL
  Art Center College of Design [Los Angeles]NULL
  B.A., Wittenberg University [Ohio]NULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Artist: 1978 Isaac Asimov's Science Fiction Adventure Magazine> 78
  Artist: Architectual firmsNULL
  Artist: Paperbacks: 1977 After Things Fell Apart> 77
  Artist: Paperbacks: 1977 Get Off the Unicorn> 77
  Artist: Paperbacks: 1980 Night of Kadar> 80
  Artist: Paperbacks: 1982 Hostage of Zir> 82
  Artist: Paperbacks: 1983 Prisoner of Zhamanak> 83
  Artist: Paperbacks: 1983 Virgin of Zesh/Tower of Zanid> 83
 Additional biography
  Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists 1988NULL
  I BEFORE E (pen/ink/) 1991 reprint> 91
  ALIEN ENCOUNTERS~ (pen/ink/) 1985> 85
  TALES OF TERROR~ (pen/ink/) 1986> 86