Name and vital stats
  ASPRIN, ROBERT LYNN (editor; writer)NULL
 Family in arts
  Wife: Lynn AbbeyNULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Co-writer: Novel: 1992 Catwoman, from Batman feature> 92
  Writer: Book: 1986 Elfquest: The Blood of Ten Chiefs [anthology]> 86
  Writer: Hit or MythNULL
  Writer: Little Myth MarkerNULL
  Writer: Myth ConceptionsNULL
  Writer: Myth DirectionNULL
  Writer: Mything PersonsNULL
  Inkpot Award (San Diego Comicon) 1988> 88
  DUNCAN AND MALLORY~ (wr/) 1986 graphic album> 86
  THIEVES' WORLD GRAPHICS~ (ed/wr/) 1985-88 graphic album> 85 86 87 88
  MYTHADVENTURES (plot/) 1984-86 adaptation of his story> 84 85 86
  MYTHCONCEPTIONS (plot/) 1987-88 adaptation of his story> 87 88
  MYTHWORLD (plot/) 1984 adaptation of his story> 84