Name and vital stats
  BARKER, CLIVE [1952- ] (writer; artist)NULL
  Birthplace: United Kingdom; resident: USANULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Artist: Book: 1990 Collection of his art, Clive Barker, Illustrator [Eclipse]> 90
  Artist: Portfolios: Books of BloodNULL
  Writer: 1992 Hellraiser films trading card set> 92
  Writer: Collections of horror: 1982 Books of Blood [6 vol.]> 82
  Writer: Introduction for: Giger Book, a Stephen King novel, et alNULL
  Writer: Novels: 1985 Cabal> 85
  Writer: Novels: 1985 Damnation Game> 85
  Writer: Novels: 1987 Weaveworld> 87
  Writer: Novels: 1989 The Great and Secret Show> 89
  Writer: Novels: 1991 Imajica> 91
  Writer: Novels: 1993 The Thief of Always> 93
  Writer: Novels: Hellbound HeartNULL
 Performing Arts
  Director, Actor & Writer: Stage: Frankenstein in Love; History of the DevilNULL
  Director: Film: Hellraiser 1987> 87
  Director: Film: Hellraiser III, 1992> 92
  Director: Film: Nightbreed 1990> 90
  Producer, Actor & Writer: Stage: Secret Life of Cartoons; et alNULL
  Producer: Film: Hellraiser III [executive producer] 1992> 92
  Writer: Film: Hellraiser 1987> 87
  Writer: Film: Hellraiser III, 1992> 92
  Writer: Film: Nightbreed 1990> 90
 Other career notes
  Co-creator: The Dog Company [U.K. theatre group]NULL
  Consultant: Hellraiser II Film: written/directed by othersNULL
 Additional biography
  Amazing Heroes #174, 1989NULL
  Comic World #9 [U.K.] 1992NULL
  Comics Journal #137 Sep., 1990NULL
  Shadows in Eden [Underwood-Miller]NULL
  Speakeasy #117 [U.K.] 1991NULL
  Inkpot Award (San Diego Comicon) 1991> 91
  World and British Fantasy AwardNULL
  ECTO-KID; HOKUM & HEX; HYPERKIND; SAINT SINNER but didn't write these series.NULL
 British comics
  PRIMAL~ (wr/) 1991> 91
  Introduction (wr/) 1988> 88
  PRIMAL~ (wr/) 1991> 91
  Cover (paint/) 1992 for FLY IN MY EYE> 92
  FLY IN MY EYE~ (wr/) 1989 [through ECLIPSE]> 89
  Illustration (pen/ink/) 1990 in GRAPHIC> 90
  TABOO~ (wr/pen/ink/) 1988> 88
  Introduction (wr/) for NIGHTBREED CHRONICLES adapted his proseNULL
 Note on comics career
  Served as Executive Editor of adaptations of his stories to comic booksNULL
  PRIMAL~ (wr/) 1992> 92
  CLIVE BARKER: THE LIFE OF DEATH~ (plot/) 1993> 93
  DREAD (wr/) adaptation of his storyNULL
  REVELATIONS (wr/) adaptation of his storyNULL
  SON OF CELLULOID~ (wr/) 1991 adaptation of his story> 91
  TAPPING THE VEIN~ (wr/) 1989-90 many volumes adaptation of his prose> 89 90
  YATTERING AND JACK, THE~ (wr/) 1992 graphic album adapted of his story> 92
  CLIVE BARKER'S HELLRAISER~ (wr/) 1992 [Imprint: EPIC]> 92
  CLIVE BARKER'S NIGHT BREED~ (wr/) 1990/92 horror [Imprint: EPIC]> 90 92
  WEAVE WORLD (wr/) 1992> 92