Source (some data)
 Name and vital stats
  FEINMAN, MICHAEL EDWARD [1956- ] (publisher; editor; writer; artist)NULL
 Pen names
  B.A. (journalism) San Jose State University [California]NULL
 Family in arts
  Son: Anthony Feinman (assists father on breakdowns and some pencils)NULL
  Wife: Cathy Feinman (calligrapher and colorist on husband's comics)NULL
  E. C. Segar; Robert Crumb; Bud SagendorfNULL
  Greater Metropolitan Herscher Chamber of Comics, president '91-99NULL
  Herscher Merchants Association, president '94; secretary '95-96NULL
  Kankakee County United Way, board member '94-96NULL
  Northern Illinois Newspaper AssociationNULL
  Sigma Delta Chi (society of professional journalists)NULL
  Streator Area United Way, board member '98-99NULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Reporter: Including pieces on comics fieldNULL
  Writer: Articles: Interview with Stan Lee: The Times-Press in Streator 1998> 98
  First Place: Best Local News Coverage, Inland Press Association 1997> 97
  First Place: Spot News Photography, Illinois Press Association 1996> 96
  CRYSTAL SKULL FILES, THE~ (pres/ed/) 1998> 98
  MASK CONSPIRACY, THE~ (pres/ed/) 1991> 91
  Support (pres/ed/) 1991-98-> 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
  TERRY FREEDOM (wr/pen/ink/) 1998 in THE CRYSTAL SKULL FILES graphic album; First Amendment theme; used in classrooms> 98
 Note on comics career
  Willing to assist small press comics publishers; email: ifcomics@webtv.netNULL