Source (some data)
 Name and vital stats
  PRINDLE, WARREN BROWN [1959- ] (artist)
 Pen names
  Associate Arts degree, American Academy of Art
  B.A. (lithography) Northeastern University
  B.A. (studied Zohar) Spertus College
  many other independent studies in art
  Moody Bible School; Diploma (Biblical theology)
  Tutored by Wally Fox
  Dean Cornwell; Italian Renaissance
  Johnny Craig; Carmine Infantino
  Chicago Comic Creators
 Commercial Art & Design
  Painter: Clients: R.J. Tucker Advertising; Catalyst Magazine; Data East
 Other career notes
  Teacher: Art at numerous schools and academies [Illinois] 1987-92-> 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94
 Fine Arts
  Painter: Clients: Acme Steel; American Dental Assn.; Typographics
  Painter: Clients: Mongomery Wards; Sears and Roebuck; V.O.P. Research
  Painter: Exhibits: Many group art shows
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: Carol Robinson Gallery [Louisiana] 1991> 91
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: Dorothea Thiel Gallery [Illinois] 1990> 90
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: James Hunt Barker Gallery [Massachusetts] 1987> 87
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: River Running Gallery [Connecticut] 1992> 92
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: The Interlaken Gallery [Connecticut] 1988> 88
  Numerous professional awards
  Superstar Publications (MA)
  Covers (paint/) 1988-89> 88 89