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 Source (some data) 
 Name and vital stats 
  PASCAL, DAVID [1918- ] (artist; writer) NULL 
  American Artists School NULL 
  Honore Daumier; Gustav Dore; Paul Klee NULL 
  Cartoonists Association NULL 
  First American International Congress of Comics, organizer NULL 
  National Cartoonists Society (foreign affairs chairman) NULL 
 Print Media (non-comics) 
  Artist: Advertising: I.T.T.; and others NULL 
  Artist: Magazines: Evergreen Review; Punch; New Yorker; Times; Harper's NULL 
  Editor: Books: Comics, The Art of the Comic Strip 1972 > 72 
  Writer & Artist: Juvenile books: 1967-69 15 Fables of Krylov '67; The Silly Knight '68; More Unkempt Thoughts '69 > 67 68 69 
 Performing Arts 
  Artist: Weather cartoons for WPIX-TV [New York City] NULL 
 Other career notes 
  Agent: American representative of ICON NULL 
  Teacher: School of Visual Arts 1955-58 > 55 56 57 58 
 Fine Arts 
  Painter: Using dynamics of comics NULL 
 Additional biography 
  Who's Who in America NULL 
  Golden Date Award (Bordighera, Italy) 1963 > 63 
  National Cartoonists Society Best Comic Book Artist (humor) 1977 > 77 
  National Cartoonists Society Illustration 1969 > 69 
  Phoenix (Paris) 1971 > 71 
 Comics in other media 
  Gag cartoons (wr/pen/ink/) 1956 for For Men Only > 56 
  Gag cartoons (wr/pen/ink/) for: Evergreen Review; New York Times NULL 
  Gag cartoons (wr/pen/ink/) for: Saturday Evening Post; many other U.S. and foreign magazines NULL 
 Promotional comics 
  GASSY AND GUS (wr/pen/ink/) c1950-51 premium for Texaco Dealers > 50 51 
 French comics 
  GOOFUS (wr/pen/ink/) 1975 > 75 
  PILOTE~ (wr/pen/ink/) 1975 > 75 
  MULE EARS (wr/pen/ink/) c1948 filler > 48 
  NATIONAL LAMPOON~ (wr/pen/ink/) 1975-76 > 75 76 
  VERY LARGE BOOK OF COMICAL FUNNIES~ (wr/pen/ink/) 1986 graphic album > 86 
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