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 Source (some data) 
 Name and vital stats 
  PRINDLE, WARREN BROWN [1959- ] (artist) NULL 
 Pen names 
  Associate Arts degree, American Academy of Art NULL 
  B.A. (lithography) Northeastern University NULL 
  B.A. (studied Zohar) Spertus College NULL 
  many other independent studies in art NULL 
  Moody Bible School; Diploma (Biblical theology) NULL 
  Tutored by Wally Fox NULL 
  Dean Cornwell; Italian Renaissance NULL 
  Johnny Craig; Carmine Infantino NULL 
  Chicago Comic Creators NULL 
 Commercial Art & Design 
  Painter: Clients: R.J. Tucker Advertising; Catalyst Magazine; Data East NULL 
 Other career notes 
  Teacher: Art at numerous schools and academies [Illinois] 1987-92- > 87 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 
 Fine Arts 
  Painter: Clients: Acme Steel; American Dental Assn.; Typographics NULL 
  Painter: Clients: Mongomery Wards; Sears and Roebuck; V.O.P. Research NULL 
  Painter: Exhibits: Many group art shows NULL 
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: Carol Robinson Gallery [Louisiana] 1991 > 91 
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: Dorothea Thiel Gallery [Illinois] 1990 > 90 
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: James Hunt Barker Gallery [Massachusetts] 1987 > 87 
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: River Running Gallery [Connecticut] 1992 > 92 
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man art show: The Interlaken Gallery [Connecticut] 1988 > 88 
  Numerous professional awards NULL 
  Superstar Publications (MA) NULL 
  Covers (paint/) 1988-89 > 88 89 
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