Name and vital stats
  BALUN, CHAS (publisher; writer; artist)NULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Artist: Magazines: Saturday Evening PostNULL
  Artist: Paperbacks: Covers for Avon; Bantam Books; Signet; Berkely BooksNULL
 Fine Arts
  Painter: represented in museums: Cowboy Hall of Fame; Whitney MuseumNULL
  DAY IN THE LIFE OF MR. HOSTILE~ (publ/wr/pen/ink/) 1980 mini> 80
  MIGHTY HIGH COMIX~ (publ/wr/pen/ink/) 1973-75 mini> 73 74 75
  SPAZ COMIX~ (publ/wr/pen/ink/) 1975/77 mini> 75 77