Name and vital stats
  NIVEN, LARRY [1938- ] (writer)NULL
  B.A. (mathematics) Washburn University [Kansas]NULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Co-writer: Novels: Achille's Choice [with Steve Barnes]; Oath of Fealty [with Jerry Pournelle]; The Gripping Hand [with Jerry Pournelle]NULL
  Co-writer: Novels: Beowulf's Children [with Steve Barnes]; Lucifer's Hammer [with Jerry Pournelle]NULL
  Co-writer: Novels: Dream Park [with Steve Barnes]; The Barsoom Project [with Steve Barnes]NULL
  Co-writer: Novels: Fallen Angels [with W. Pournelle and Michael Flynn]; The Mote In God's Eye [with Jerry Pournelle]NULL
  Co-writer: Novels: Footfall [with Jerry Pournelle]; Legacy of Heorot [with Steve Barnes]NULL
  Co-writer: Novels: Inferno [with Jerry Pournelle]; The Descent of Anansi [with Steve Barnes]NULL
  Co-writer: Novels: The California Voodoo Game [with Steve Barnes]; The Flying Sorcerers [with David Gerrold]NULL
  Editor: Books: Man-Kzin Wars I-VII; The Magic May Return; More Magic; The Patchwork Girl; A Gift from Earth; ProtectorNULL
  Writer: 1964 First published story: The Coldest Place [Worlds of If]> 64
  Writer: Article: Man of Steel -- Woman of Kleenex [in The LASFE Picnic One-Shot, an apazine]NULL
  Writer: Novels: Ringworld; The Ringworld Engineers; The Ringworld Throne; World of PtavvsNULL
  Writer: Novels: The Magic Goes Away; A World Out Of Time; The Integral Trees; The Smoke Ring; Destiny RoadNULL
  Writer: Science fictionNULL
  Writer: Short stories [collections]: Crashlander [collected Beowulf Shaeffer stories]; Neutron StarNULL
  Writer: Short stories [collections]: Limits; N-Space; Playgrounds of the Mind; The Flight of the Horse; A Hole in SpaceNULL
  Writer: Short stories [collections]: Tales of Known Space; All the Myriad Ways; Convergent Series; The Shape of SpaceNULL
  Writer: Short stories [collections]: The Long ARM of Gil Hamilton; Flatlander [collected Gil The ARM stories]NULL
 Animation: Filmation
  Writer: [for MGM] 1973 Star Trek> 73
  Hugo Award for Best Novelette 1975 [for The Borderland of Sol]> 75
  Hugo Award for Best Short Story 1966 [for Neutron Star]> 66
  Hugo Award for Best Short Story 1974 [for The Hole Man]> 74
  Hugo Award for Novel 1970 [for Ringworld]> 70
  Nebula Award for Best Short Story 1970 [for Ringworld]> 70
  STAR TREK [daily] (wr/) 1982 for King Features Syndicate> 82
  STAR TREK [Sunday] (wr/) 1982 for King Features Syndicate> 82
  LUCIFER'S HAMMER (wr/) 1993-94 6-part novel> 93 94
 Note on comics career
  Some of his stories have been adapted to comicsNULL
  GREEN LANTERN (plot/) 1992> 92
  GREEN LANTERN: GANTHET'S TALE~ (plot/) 1992 graphic album> 92
  PSYCHO~ (wr/) 1972> 72