Name and vital stats
  Art Institute of ChicagoNULL
  University of WyomingNULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Artist: Books: Mrs. Coverlet's Detectives 1965> 65
  Artist: Magazines: Scribner's; College Humor; New Yorker; Harper's Bizaar; Stage; New Yorker; Collier'sNULL
  Artist: Newspapers: The Chicago Tribune, first job 1916> 16
 Additional biography
  A Gallery of Rogues: Cartoonists' Self-Caricatures, 1998NULL
  WHITE BOY IN SKULL VALLEY (pen/ink/) 1935> 35
 Comics in other media
  Gag cartoons (wr/pen/ink/) for: New Yorker; EsquireNULL
  FUNNY FAUNA (pen/ink/) 1937> 37