Source (some data)
  Checked by CRAIG YOENULL
 Name and vital stats
  YOE, CRAIG (editor; writer; artist)NULL
 Family in arts
  Wife: Clizia Gussoni (Italian cartoonist)NULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Artist: Staff: David C. Cook Publishing Co.NULL
  Editor & Writer: Books: The Art of Mickey Mouse, cooffee table volumeNULL
  Editor: Books: The Art of Barbie 1995> 95
  Production Artist & Editor: Jubilee 1975> 75
  Writer: Weird But True Toon Factoids [history of comics and catoonists]NULL
 Animation: Yoe-Yoe Studio
  Animator: TV spots, ID spot for MTVNULL
 Performing Arts
  Vice-president, Creative Director & General Manager: Jim Henson's MuppetsNULL
 Commercial Art & Design
  Co-owner: Yoe-Yoe Studio [Creative Director] designed toys, comics, premiums, websites, animation: many big clientsNULL
  Creative Director: Yoe-Yoe Studio: [clients] Disney, Timex, New Line Cinema, Pepsi, Cartoon Network, MTV, Time WarnerNULL
  Creative Director: Yoe-Yoe Studio: [clients] Pizza Hut, McDonald's, Hershey's, Nickelodeon, Mattel, Big Boy, Bazooka, Taco BellNULL
  Designer: Toys: Marvin Glass and Associates [first and largest toy think tank]NULL
 Other career notes
  Inventor: Patents on various toysNULL
  Pastor: of church [5 years]NULL
  Four International Awards for TV spotsNULL
 Comics in other media
  BAZOOKA JOE (wr/pen/ink/) -1999- [from YOE-YOE STUDIO] with bubble gum> 97 98 99
  Comics (wr/pen/ink/) in other mediaNULL
  JUBILEE~ (pen/ink/)NULL
  SAMMY SAVED AND AL MOST~ (wr/pen/ink/) 1974> 74
 Promotional comics
  BIG BOY MAGAZINE (ed/pen/ink/) c1996-99- see WEBS ADVENTURE CORP.> 96 97 98 99
  DUCKMAN PRIVATE DICK FAMILY MAN~ (asst pen&ink/) 1995> 95
  Filler (asst pen&ink/) 1994 in DUCKMAN> 94