Source (some data)
  Obituary via Joe Mannarino September 2006NULL
 Name and vital stats
  ZIFF, WILLIAM B. JR. [1930-2006] (publisher)NULL
  B.A. Rutgers University; studied in Heidelberg, GermanyNULL
 Family in arts
  Father: William B. Ziff Sr.NULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Publisher: 1953-94 Ziff-Davis Publishing Company: Took over as co-owner when his father died; bought out partner Bernard Davis '55> 53
  Publisher: Ziff-Davis titles: Car and Driver; Popular Photography; Flying; Skiing; Yachting; PC Magazine; business & consumer magazines; a few comicsNULL
  Magazine Publishers of America top honor: The Henry Johnson Fisher Award for Lifetime Achievement 1991> 91