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 Source (some data) 
  Additions: Tim Stroup NULL 
 Name and vital stats 
  MILLER, RON [1947- ] (artist) NULL 
 Pen names 
  BLACK CAT STUDIO (in science fiction) NULL 
  B.F.A., Columbus College of Art and Design NULL 
  NASA Fine Arts Program NULL 
 Print Media (non-comics) 
  Artist: Contributor: NASA's Solar System Exploration Committee NULL 
  Artist: Contributor: National Commission of Space NULL 
  Artist: Magazines: Amazing Stories; Fantastic; Science Digest NULL 
  Artist: Magazines: Sky and Telescope; Space World; Space 86; Washington Magazine; Omni NULL 
  Artist: Paperbacks: Amazing Space; Deep Space; Spaceships; Extraordinary Voyages; Firebrands NULL 
  Writer: Books: Worlds Beyond: The Art of Chesley Bonestell; Space Art; The Grand Tour 1981 > 81 
 Performing Arts 
  Production artist: Dino DeLaurentis Productions: Movies: Dune; Total Recall NULL 
 Commercial Art & Design 
  Art Director: A. Einstein Planetarium [Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum] NULL 
 Additional biography 
  Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists 1988 NULL 
 Fan & trade zines 
  Bombshell Ama-zine #12 (pen/ink/) NULL 
  Covers (paint/) 1976 > 76 
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