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 Name and vital stats 
  MOORCOCK, MICHAEL [1939- ] (writer) NULL 
  Birthplace: United Kingdom NULL 
 Family in arts 
  Former spouse: Hilary Bailey (science fiction writer) NULL 
 Print Media (non-comics) 
  Co-writer: Novels: Time of the Hawklords NULL 
  Writer: Novels 1962+ > 62 63 64 65 
  Writer: Novels: Elric at the End of Time; The Dreaming City; The Singing Citadel; The Sleeping Sorceress NULL 
 Performing Arts 
  Songwriter: Recorded album: Heavy Metal [movie soundtrack] NULL 
  Songwriter: Recorded album: New World's Fair LP mid-1970s > 74 75 76 
  Songwriter: Recorded albums: Cultosaurus Erectus; The Sun Jester [on BOC's Mirrors] NULL 
  Inkpot Award (San Diego Comicon) 1997 > 97 
 British comics 
  TARZAN WEEKLY~ (ed/) 1956-58 > 56 57 58 
 Note on comics career 
  Stories adapted to comics: Behold the Man (UNKNOWN WORLDS OF SCIENCE FICTION #6) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: Corum (CHRONICLES OF CORUM, THE BULL AND THE SPEAR) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: Count Brass (HAWKMOON series by FIRST) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: Elric (See STAR*REACH and MARVEL GRAPHIC NOVEL #2) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: Elric: The Dreaming City (EPIC ILLUSTRATED #3-4) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: History of the Rune Staff (HAWKMOON series by FIRST) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: Sailor on the Seas of Fate (HEAVY METAL #30) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: The Jewel in the Skull (HAWKMOON series by FIRST) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: The Man God's Amulet (HAWKMOON series by FIRST) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: The Swords of Dawn (HAWKMOON series by FIRST) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: Weird of the White Wolf (HEAVY METAL #32) NULL 
  Stories adapted to comics: While the Gods Laugh (EPIC ILLUSTRATED #14) NULL 
  DUKE ELRIC (wr/) 1997-98 > 97 98 
  METATEMPORAL DETECTIVE, THE (wr/) 1997-98 > 97 98 
  MOONBEAMS AND ROSES (wr/) 1997-98 > 97 98 
  Text (wr/) 1985 > 85 
  SWORDS OF HEAVEN, FLOWERS OF HELL~ (plot/) 1980 graphic album > 80 
  CONAN (wr/) 1972 > 72 
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