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 Name and vital stats 
  MUMY, CHARLES WILLIAM JR. [1954- ] (writer) NULL 
  Santa Monica College [California] 1.5 years NULL 
  Gardner Fox; EC Comics; Jack Kirby; Joe Simon NULL 
  Jerry Siegel; Joe Shuster; Stan Lee; Bob Kane NULL 
  Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences NULL 
 Print Media (non-comics) 
  Co-writer: Short stories: 1992/94 [in Shock Rock paperback] The Black '59; The Undeadliest Game > 92 94 
 Animation: Ruby-Spears 
  Voice Actor: 1991 Superboy, a recurring character > 91 
 Performing Arts 
  Actor: Film: A Child Is Waiting; Hard to Hold; Dear Brigitte NULL 
  Actor: Film: Bless the Beasts and the Children; Capt. America NULL 
  Actor: Film: Double Trouble 1991 > 91 
  Actor: Film: Palm Springs Weekend; Papillon NULL 
  Actor: Film: Rascal; Sammy the Way Out Seal; Tammy Tell Me the Truth NULL 
  Actor: Film: Sunshine; A Ticklish Affair; The Wizard of Bagdad NULL 
  Actor: TV: Alfred Hitchcock Presents; Bang, You're Dead 1961 > 61 
  Actor: TV: Lost in Space [series regular 3 years] played Will Robinson NULL 
  Actor: TV: Matlock; Me and Mom; Perry Mason NULL 
  Actor: TV: Sunshine [series regular] NULL 
  Actor: TV: The Flash 1991 > 91 
  Actor: TV: The Fugitive; I Dream of Jeanie NULL 
  Actor: TV: The Loretta Young Show; Bewitched; Twilight Zone [1st series] NULL 
  Actor: TV: The Universe and I [PBS]; Rockford Files NULL 
  Co-writer: TV: Swamp Thing [with M. Ferrer] NULL 
  Musician & Vocalist: Banjo, guitar, keyboards, bass, mandolin and percussion NULL 
  Musician: Performances: America [pop band]; The Jenerators [R&R band, live and recorded] NULL 
  Musician: Performances: Barnes and Barnes, duo NULL 
  Musician: Performances: Saturday Night Live; Shaun Cassidy; music festivals; MTV and cable NULL 
  Musician: Performances: Seduction of the Innocent [band for San Diego Con] NULL 
  Musician: Performances: Steve Martin Specials; Zabagabee [home video] NULL 
  Musician: Recordings: CBS records; Rhino/Capitol [8 albums] NULL 
  Producer & Songwriter: TV and film: Adventures of Wonderland; Archie; Insight NULL 
  Producer & Songwriter: TV and film: Bless the Beasts and the Children; Double Trouble NULL 
  Producer & Songwriter: TV and film: The Invisible Maniac; Plainclothes; Sunshine NULL 
  Producer & Songwriter: TV and film: The Universe and I [PBS series]; Santa Barbara NULL 
  Songwriter: 13 songs for America [pop band] NULL 
  Songwriter: Rock groups: Seduction of the Innocent; Barnes and Barnes NULL 
  Writer: TV: Sunshine series [Leave it to Beaver episode] NULL 
  Writer: TV: Twilight Zone 1987 > 87 
 Commercial Art & Design 
  Producer & Songwriter: Crispin Glover's album: The Big Problem NULL 
  A1~ (wr/) 1990 > 90 
  TRYPTO (wr/) 1991 > 91 
  LOST IN SPACE (wr/) 1992 > 92 
  TRYPTO THE ACID DOG (wr/) 1988 > 88 
 Fan & trade zines 
  Jack Kirby Quarterly (contrib/) #1, 1993 > 93 
  AQUAMAN (wr/) 1998 > 98 
  SPECTRE, THE (wr/) 1998 > 98 
  STAR TREK (wr/) 1990-91 > 90 91 
  CLIVE BARKER'S HELLRAISER~ (wr/) 1991 [Imprint: EPIC] > 91 
  COMET MAN (wr/) 1987/90 > 87 90 
  DREAMWALKER, THE (wr/) 1989 > 89 
  HULK (wr/) 1989 > 89 
  HULK AND SPIDER-MAN (wr/) 1990 > 90 
  IRON MAN (wr/) 1991 > 91 
  SHE-HULK (wr/) 1990 > 90 
  SPIDER-MAN (wr/) 1990 > 90 
  SPIDER-MAN AND HULK (wr/) 1990 > 90 
  WONDER MAN (wr/) 1990 > 90 
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