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 Name and vital stats 
  MUSGRAVE, REAL [1949- ] (artist) NULL 
  B.A., School of Fine Arts [Texas]; Studied art and architecture in Europe NULL 
  Texas Technological University NULL 
  Late 1800s children's artists: Arthur Rackham; Kay Neilsson NULL 
 Print Media (non-comics) 
  Artist: 1976 Collection of his prints published as Real Fantasies > 76 
  Artist: Juvenile books NULL 
  Artist: Local and Regional Periodicals NULL 
  Designer: Greeting cards: Otters and Others, featuring his "Pocket Dragons" NULL 
 Commercial Art & Design 
  Art Director: Dunlap's [department store] NULL 
 Fine Arts 
  Painter: Exhibits: One-man shows NULL 
  Painter: Exhibits: Texas Renaissance Festival [official artist] 1978+ > 78 79 90 81 
 Additional biography 
  Biographical Dictionary of Science Fiction and Fantasy Artists 1988 NULL 
  Award of Excellence from Texas Arts and Crafts Foundation 1980 > 80 
  OUR STORY THUS FAR~ [a jam] (wr/pen/ink/) 1983 mini > 83 
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