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 Name and vital stats 
  MYERS, LOU (artist; writer) NULL 
 Print Media (non-comics) 
  Artist: Juvenile books: 1951-55 Rand McNally: Burl Ives: Sailing on a Very Fine Day; Picnic at the Zoo > 51 52 53 54 55 
  Artist: Juvenile books: 1951-55 The Wonder Book of Christmas; Rand McNally: Puss-in-Boots '55 > 51 52 53 54 55 
  Artist: Posters: for movies NULL 
  Writer: Book: 1990 When Life Falls It Falls Upside Down > 90 
  Writer: Short stories: for The New Yorker NULL 
 Comics in other media 
  Gag cartoons (wr/pen/ink/) for The Nation; Esquire; The New York Times; Le Monde; and Paris Match NULL 
  Gag cartoons (wr/pen/ink/) for The Washington Post; The New Yorker; Playboy; Mother Jones NULL 
  Various features (wr/pen/ink/) NULL 
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