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 Name and vital stats 
  ROFFE (writer) NULL 
 Pen names 
  Spelling may be ROFFES NULL 
  JIMMY OLSEN (wr/) 1965 > 65 
 Name and vital stats 
  WOODROFFE, PATRICK [1940- ] (artist) NULL 
  Birthplace: United Kingdom NULL 
 Pen names 
  Nickname: PAT NULL 
  Bosch, Dali, surrealism NULL 
  Viennese school of fantastic realism NULL 
 Print Media (non-comics) 
  Artist: Album covers: 1974-76 Ross '74; Bandolier '75; Greenslade '75; Sad Wings of Destiny '76 > 74 75 76 
  Artist: Books: Tinker / Duck 1976 > 76 
  Artist: Collection: 1977/84 Mythopoeikon '77; Hallelujah--Anyway '84 > 77 84 
  Artist: Paperbacks: Day of Wrath; Door into Summer; Continuum One; A Cure for Cancer; Burn Witch Burn; The Sleeping Sorceress NULL 
  Artist: Paperbacks: Our Haunted Planet; In the Kingdom of the Beasts; Neq the Sword; Dwellers in the Mirage NULL 
  Artist: Paperbacks: Tales of the Ten Worlds; Prince/Woodcutter; Seven Footprints to Satan; Sos the Rope; One-Eye NULL 
  Artist: Paperbacks: The Face of Heaven; The Bull and the Spear; The Best of John Wyndham; The Best of Robert Heinlein NULL 
  Artist: Paperbacks: The Forever War; The Gray Prince; The Green Hills of Earth; The English Assassin; The Face in the Abyss NULL 
  Artist: Paperbacks: The Sailor on the Seas of Fate; The Satyr's Head; The Moon Pool; The New Adam; The Oak and the Ram; The Judgment of Eve NULL 
  Artist: Paperbacks: Var the Stick; To Your Scattered Bodies Go; Trullion Alstor 2262; The Sword and the Stallion; The Warlord of the Air NULL 
 Other career notes 
  Teacher: French and German NULL 
 Fine Arts 
  Painter: Exhibits: Covent Garden Gallery [London] 1972 > 72 
  Painter: Exhibits: Institute of Contemporary Arts 1964 > 64 
  1984~ (pen/ink/) 1978-79 > 78 79 
  Covers (paint/) 1978-79 > 78 79 
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