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 Name and vital stats 
  ROTH, ED [1932-2001] (artist; writer) NULL 
 Pen names 
  BIG DADDY ROTH; MR. GASSER (on record album) NULL 
 Print Media (non-comics) 
  Artist: Album covers: 1990s Two albums as Mr. Gasser; Junkyard; Everybody Has One '91 > 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 
  Designer: Stealth 2000 See American Institute of Graphic Design Oct. 1999 > 99 
 Commercial Art & Design 
  T-shirts, model kits, monsters, hot rods NULL 
 Additional biography 
  Associated Press [Los Angeles, April 6, 2001] obituary NULL 
 Comics in other media 
  Gag cartoons (wr/pen/ink/) Star and inspiration of BIG DADDY ROTH in CAR-TOONS NULL 
  Illustration (pen/ink/) 1984 > 84 
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