Name and vital stats
  GILMAN, SAM [1915-85] (artist; writer)NULL
 Pen names
  Pratt Institute (Brooklyn)NULL
  Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences; Theatre West; Theatre EastNULL
 Performing Arts
  Actor: Also studied and taught acting in New YorkNULL
  Actor: Films: How Long 'Til Summer; and other films with Marlon BrandoNULL
  Actor: Stage: Broadway play [featured]; Summer StockNULL
  Actor: TV: Numerous appearancesNULL
  Actor: Worked as an actor under his own name.NULL
  Writer: Film: Sgt. and the SpyNULL
  Writer: TV: Several episodesNULL
 Other career notes
  Dialogue Coach: for Marlon Brando [film: Burn] in Columbia & MoroccoNULL
  Political Activist: Successfully fought movie blacklisting for political activity in '30s 1960s> 60 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68 69
 Additional biography
  Comics Journal #106 Mar., 1986NULL
  DAN DENNIS, F.B.I. (pen/ink/) 1939> 39
 Retired from comics
  to act in moviesNULL
 Comics Studio (Shop)
  FUNNIES INC. (pen/ink/) 1939-42> 39 40 41 42
  DAN DENNIS, F.B.I. (wr/pen/ink/) 1939> 39
  IRON SKULL (pen/ink/) 1940-41> 40 41
  MASKED MARVEL (pen/ink/) 1940> 40
  Text and illustrations (wr/pen/ink/) 1940> 40
  VAPO-MAN (pen/ink/) 1941-42> 41 42
  WORLD FAMOUS HEROES MAGAZINE~ (pen/ink/) 1942> 42
  Illustration (pen/ink/) 1940 [Imprint: NEW FRIDAY]> 40
  Illustration (pen/ink/) 1940> 40
  OLE CAP HAWKINS (pen/ink/) c1941-c42 unconfirmed> 41 42