Source (some data)
 Name and vital stats
  KATZMAN, LARRY [1922- ] (artist)NULL
 Pen names
  Art Students LeagueNULL
  National Cartoonists SocietyNULL
 Other career notes
  President: Kaz Inc. [manufacturer of vaporizers, etc.]NULL
  President: Kaz Inc., manufacturer of vaporizers, etc.NULL
  Palme d'Oro (first Salone Internazionale del Fumetto, Lucca, Italy) 1966> 66
 Comics in other media
  Gag cartoons (wr/pen/ink/) for American Druggist; Esquire; Modern Medicine; Saturday Evening PostNULL
  NELLIE THE NURSE [24 vol.] (wr/pen/ink/) 1950s [no connection to MARVEL's NELLIE THE NURSE]> 50 51 52 53 54 55 56 57 58 59
  NELLIE THE NURSE (pen/ink/) 1945> 45