Source (some data)
  JIM KORVIS via Jim Hill Media columnist Cory MitchellNULL
 Name and vital stats
  KORKIS, JIM (writer)NULL
  M.A., Occidental College [California]NULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Co-owner: Korkis and Cawley's Cartoon and Comic Company: animation, and cartoon art for books and toysNULL
  Writer: Books and articles on Disney and animation historyNULL
  Writer: Column: Jim Hill MediaNULL
  Voice Actor: 1998-99 Secrets of the Animal Kingdom> 98 99
 Performing Arts
  Director & Actor: Stage: Hundreds of performances, especially at Occidental College Summer TheaterNULL
  Performer: Walt Disney World, playing Merlin and Prospector PeteNULL
  Producer, Director & Actor: Shows for: Harvey's Casino; Western Cruise Lines; the Broadway and J. C. Penny Department stores; many othersNULL
  Six Flags Magic Mountain: street entertainer; stage productions like Lucky Louie's Roaring Twenties RevueNULL
  TV shows: The Gong Show; Dating Game; Family FeudNULL
 Other career notes
  Instructor: Disney Adult Discoveries, classes for vistorsNULL
  Instructor: Disney Institute, the full range of coursesNULL
  Teacher: Classes about Disney and companyNULL
  Teacher: Middle School, chair of the English and Fine Art DepartmentNULL
 Overseas comics
  TINY TOONS~ (wr/) translated in Spanish, Italian and FrenchNULL
 Fan & trade zines
  Comic Book Marketplace (contrib/) #23, 1995> 95
  Comic Book Marketplace Special Edition (contrib/) #2, 1999> 99
  Comics Journal (contrib/) #39--71, 1978-82> 78 79 80 81 82
  Gold & Silver, Overstreet's Comic Book Quarterly (contrib/) #6, 1994> 94
  Text (wr/) 1989/92> 89 92