Source (some data)
  LEW SCHWARTZ with corrections by Lew 5/2005NULL
 Name and vital stats
  SCHWARTZ, LEWIS SAYRE [1926- ] (artist)NULL
 Pen names
  LEW SAYRE [in other media]; LSS [in illegible script]NULL
  Art Students League; Museum School of Modern ArtNULL
  Roy Crane; Milt Caniff; Noel SicklesNULL
  National Academy of TV Arts and SciencesNULL
  National Cartoonists SocietyNULL
 Print Media (non-comics)
  Artist: Annapolis class of '47 Graduation BookNULL
  Producer & Founder: Cine / Graphique, Inc. in 1968> 68
 Animation: Ferro, Mogubgub and Schwartz
  Studio Owner & Producer: 1961-68 short subjects, commercials and TV segments> 61 62 63 64 65 66 67 68
 Animation: J. Walter Thompson
  Supervisor & Art Director: 1958-61 Commercials> 58 59 60 61
 Performing Arts
  Producer, Director & Writer: Film and TV: 1964-68> 64 65 66 67 68
  Producer, Director & Writer: Video: Milton Caniff: 75th Birthday tribute 1992> 92
  Producer: Commercials and industrial filmsNULL
  Producer: Films for: ATandT, U.N. [featuring Art Carney and Godfrey Cambridge]NULL
  Producer: Produced films for: Allied Chemical, Sesame Street, American Airlines, CBSNULL
  Producer: TV: [show segments] 9 ABC-TV specials 1967-68> 67 68
  Producer: Worked with: Barbra Streisand Special [Belle of 14th St. segment]NULL
  Producer: Worked with: Jerome Robbins [Oh Dad, Poor Dad. . .]NULL
  Producer: Worked with: Joe Layton [Belle of 14th St., Sherry, State '67]NULL
  Producer: Worked with: Leland Heyward [TW-3]; Stanley Kubrick [Dr. Strangelove]NULL
  Teacher: School of Visual Arts [4 years], created film departmentNULL
 Other career notes
  Co-owner: Dinosaur Group Inc. [marketing and consulting firm] founded 1988> 88
  President: Video Information ApplicationsNULL
 Additional biography
  Alter Ego #51 Aug., 2005NULL
  National Cartoonists Society Album, 1995NULL
  Clios (six awards)NULL
  Emmy Award (four)NULL
  Guest Speaker: Many national and international film festivalsNULL
  Many national and international fim awardsNULL
  Represented in permanent collection of Museum of Modern ArtNULL
  Served as Judge: American TV Commercial Film FestivalNULL
  Served as Judge: Cork Film Festival (Ireland)NULL
  Served as Judge: Toronto Film FestivalNULL
  BRICK BRADFORD (ghost wr/ghost pen&ink/) 1952-53 The Coral Labyrinth episode for King Features Syndicate> 52 53
  DINOSAUR GROUP, THE (wr/pen/ink/) 1988-99-> 88 89 90 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99
  OZARK IKE [daily] (ghost pen&ink/) c1959 for King Features Syndicate> 59
  OZARK IKE [Sunday] (ghost pen&ink/) c1959 for King Features Syndicate> 59
  SECRET AGENT X-9 [daily] (ghost pen&ink/) c1952 a few for King Features Syndicate> 52
  GREATEST COVERS OF DETECTIVE COMICS (pen/ink/) 1994 Golden Age Batman cover reprints> 94
  BATMAN FROM THE 30s TO THE 70s~ (pen/) 1971 graphic album reprint> 71
  BATMAN AND ROBIN (pen/) 1946-55 ghost for Bob Kane> 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 55
  BATMAN AND ROBIN (pen/) 1953 in 3-D with reprint '91> 53
  Covers (pen/) 1948-51> 48 49 50 51
  SECRET ORIGINS OF THE SUPER DC HEROES~ (pen/ink/) 1976 graphic album with reprint of Batman> 76
  BATMAN~ (pen/) 1966 paperback reprint> 66